Treatment during pregnancy and postpartum

Pregnancy and childbirth are unlike anything your body has been through before. An experienced pregnancy osteopath can help you to adapt as your baby grows and support you to prepare for giving birth. In addition, seeing an osteopath postpartum can aid your recovery afterwards.

Providing safe, effective care during this unique period requires specialist knowledge and skills.

When you’re pregnant, your body is going through significant rapid changes, and your centre of gravity will shift as your bump gets bigger. Another big change is the production of the hormone, relaxin, designed to increase blood flow and relax the ligaments in the pelvic region. The physical exertion on our bodies during birth, including the rapid widening of the birth canal, and immediate shift in the centre of gravity post-birth, can also put a lot of strain on the body.

These notable physical changes can impact on our muscles and ligaments, and how we feel in ourselves. The gentle, non-invasive techniques used by our osteopaths can really help to relieve some of those tensions and stresses on mum’s body, and therefore promoting an improved sense of wellbeing.
Whatever stage you’re at in your journey into motherhood, choosing an experienced pregnancy osteopath with advanced training in the care of pregnant women and children will give you the confidence you are in safe hands.

What does a pregnancy osteopath do?

Osteopaths apply a modern scientific understanding of anatomy, physiology and psychology to the use of therapeutic touch. During the treatment, they will use their hands to identify areas of tension or imbalance in your body and try to make sense of where it came from, what impact it’s having and what kind of support it needs to resolve. They will hold different parts of your body to support them to rebalance. The treatment is very gentle and most people find it deeply relaxing.

What conditions can a pregnancy osteopath help with?

An osteopath can help you stay healthy during pregnancy and help your body to get ready for giving birth. During pregnancy, the added stress of adapting to the growth of the baby can tip things out of balance. Back pain, sciatica and many other common conditions of pregnancy can be a sign your body is struggling to adapt.

Women commonly seek support with a wide range of pregnancy and postpartum symptoms, including:

  • Back pain & sciatica
  • Neck pain & headaches
  • Digestive & circulatory problems
  • Inability to relax
  • Other aches & pains

A pregnancy osteopath can help you to address these issues early so you can avoid problems later on. They are experts at identifying unresolved tension and supporting you to let go of it. This frees your body to adapt as your baby grows and helps it get back to normal after giving birth. Seeing an osteopath postpartum can help you get back on track afterwards and support your baby to get the best start in life.