COVID-19 Information

As you are aware, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, health and safety whilst trying to continue our daily lives was paramount. For everyone's wellbeing, it has been necessary to implement changes to the practice. The following measures will be taken to ensure the safety of patients, staff and the Osteopath in the practice.

The Osteopath;

- Hands and arms cleaned thoroughly prior to seeing patients.
- Mask (fluid resistant surgical mask) can be worn during a treatment at request of patient.

The patient;

- A screening email to all patients the day before their treatment to assess whether treatment is appropriate and safe for all concerned.
- Notify the osteopath if any COVID 19 symptoms occur prior, during or within 48 hours of appointment.
- Handwashing or hand sanitising by the patient is requested prior to treatment.

The treatment room;

- A clean towel will be provided to cover the couch. Disposable paper couch roll will be used over the pillow. Pillows will have wipeable covers on them. The treatment couch is cleaned between each patient appointment.
- Surfaces cleaned prior to patient appointments.
- Toys have been removed from the treatment room, but please feel free to bring your own favourites along to the session.
- Ventilation and cleaning time before and after each treatment allowed for.

Any Questions?